Integromat Integration

When you connect Integromat with TrackingDesk, you can fully take control over your advertising data and easily connect it with your sales and marketing applications.

About Integromat

Connecting TrackingDesk with Intgromat allows you to fully take advantage of your campaign performance data. Whether you want to sync conversion events with ohter marketing apps, or you want to store the data in an external database to build custom dashboards, this integraiton gives you full control over your data, so you can merge your sales, mareking and advertising data the way you want.

Integromat features

Core Integration Features

  • Trigger: Send conversions data from TrackingDesk to your favorite apps
  • Action: Send conversion data from any app to TrackingDesk
  • Search: Find any event in TrackingDesk API so you can push the data elsewhere.

Once you understand the core functions of the integration, you can unleash any marketing flow and strategy.

Integromat pricing

Integromat's pricing is based on monthly operations, data transfer and storage.

  • Free | 1000 operations
  • $9 | 10000 operations
  • $29 | 40000 operations

Full pricing available here

Integromat listing screenshots

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