Drip Integration

Use TrackingDesk to sync your affiliate conversions with your Drip subscribers.

About Drip

When you combine Drip’s powerful marketing platform with TrackingDesk’s ability to track conversions on the leading affiliate networks, you instantly visualise any type of conversions directly on your Drip dashboard. TrackingDesk allows you to attribute CPA, Sales and even App installs to each of your Drip subscribers, campaigns, workflow or broadcast. Immediately segment your audience by subscriber lifetime value, not just visits, clicks or optins. Let sales trigger your automated up-sales and cross-sales marketing funnels.

Drip features

  • Pre-built URL tracking template following Drip and standard UTM parameters
  • Send Conversion Data to Drip
    • Product name
    • Product price
    • Transaction ID
    • Source

  • Send Conversion Data to TrackingDesk
    • Trigger conversions when new subscribers optin
    • Tie subscribers optin to ad campaigns

Drip listing screenshots

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